What is a Free Zone Company?

A Free Zone Company is a company which is free from any kind of tax be it Value Added Tax, Customs, Income and Company Tax. People having Free Zone Company are the complete owners of their business.

Free zone companies in Dubai have been set up with the aim of tax free advantages in order to outcast investors. These types of companies are made so that the business grows internationally giving full ownership to abroad investors.

How to set up Free Zone Company in Dubai?

  • The first step to set up a Free Zone Company in Dubai is to choose the type of your business license. There are different types of license available such as trade, service, industrial, e-commerce, general business and double license.
  • The next step is to choose the type of company according to the activity of your business.
  • The last but not the least step to set up a Free Zone Company in Dubai is to select the space for your business company.

What are the requirements to set up Free Zone Company in Dubai?

Following are some documents that are required to set up a Free Zone Company in Dubai.

  • Verified copy of your passport and visa of United Arab Emirates
  • Evidence of address
  • Related letter from the bank
  • Curriculum resume
  • Petition form from the company

These are the documents that are very important for the free zone company set up in UAE.

What are the advantages of Free Zone Company Set up in Dubai?

  • 100% abroad holding
  • 100% free from duty tax both of the company as well as personal
  • 100% recovery of money and profit
  • Wide range of allowable activities
  • Great helping services
  • Effective and latest communications
  • Plentiful and cheap energy

What are the kinds of Free Zone Companies?

There are three types of Free Zone Companies that you can set up in Dubai. It mainly depends upon you what kind of business you have to set up.

  • Free Zone Formation
  • Free Zone Company
  • Branch Company

If you have any difficulty setting up your Free Zone Company or any other business, then you should definitely go for mainland business setup in Dubai. They will help you in setting up your business and make sure that your business runs successfully.

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