The different types of birthday cakes

The excitement of celebration brings about the idea of delicious birthday cakes, meeting friends and family along with doing a lot of fun. Birthday cake is a fundamental part of all kind of celebrations, be it a kid or an adult party. Birthday cakes come in an extensive variety and one is bound to get confused about which one to choose.

Birthday cake selection depends on several factors like the age of the birthday boy or girl, the type of celebration, the size required, is there a theme and much more.

Here is a brief overview about the type of birthday cakes:

The designer cakes

It is the latest obsession that consists of unique cakes with designs that can really carry you away. You may opt for a customized simple design or something really fancy and alluring based on your budget and the scale of the celebration. Everything designer is obviously expensive, so are these cakes.

The tiered cakes

Another interested option is of tiered cakes that are good for big birthday parties pertaining to their extravagant size. Most people would opt for a two tiered cake especially for simple parties, but you can take it as high as you wish.

Rich cream cakes

For a chocoholic birthday boy or girl, pick out a rich cream cake. With little bread and much of cream, these cakes are heavenly and tend to melt with the first bite. Your guests would surely love the flavor and compliment you for the delicious choice.

The cake brownie

A combo cake for people, who wish to incorporate something really different at the party, is the cake brownie combo. These are heavy cakes with little focus on the icing and ideal for parties where the cake is the main dessert.

Ice cream birthday cakes

Birthday cakes prepared with ice-cream flavors is another fancy option. Ice-cream cakes are captivating and delectable at the same time. However, they are difficult to store for long in case you are hosting a big party and waiting for the celebrations to begin. Being made from ice cream, these cakes melt faster as compared to the other options.

These are just the basic varieties of cakes that are available in the market. As soon as you step into a bakery, you will find several more customized options to choose from.

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