The facilities offered by salons in the UAE

If you’re a female in Dubai, you have most probably visited a hair salon in Dubai Marina and have a rough idea of what facilities you can get for the price you pay and the area the salon is located in. There is a wide range of prices in salons in Dubai. Therefore, you can find extravagant salons on one side of the city and the other side has more affordable options but each salon is guaranteed to provide you the following facilities and services:

  1. Almost every salon in Dubai offers waxing as it’s a common service that every woman wants to avail. Majority of the salon provide waxing for cheap unless you are going at luxury salon.
  2. Haircutting facility is available in all parlors and salons, yet it is advised to go at expensive salon for haircut because they have experienced hairdressers and haircut specialists. The specialists will give you guidance what cut would suit on your face and then use the scissor on your hair.
  3. Nail painting is a new service that beauticians are bringing in their salons. The nail artists would paint your nails with creativity or apply acrylics to make them appear “Wow”. Although it is not available in many salons, you can get the service in any one of the kids hair salon JLT as kids love funky nails. 
  4. Makeup is offered in all salon but expensive parlors have experienced makeup artists that can make you look pretty and bewitching on special occasion. You can read reviews about some of the makeup artist on different sites as well. I’m not saying affordable salons cannot have good makeup but often they aren’t as trained or aware of the recent trends.
  5. Facials can be found in every salon almost, be it is an expensive parlor or an affordable salon. Facials flush out all dirt and dust from your face and give refresh look to it. You can get decent service of facials and manicure and pedicure from any parlor.
  6. Hair treatments is must to avail. The parlors have different types of hair treatments. Protein treatment is common everywhere. The treatment is affordable and good for your hair as well.

So, these are the six services that are available in every parlor almost. All you have to do is to search about different salons and pick the parlor that is feasible for you.

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