Trend of coffee and its types

Coffee! Who does not love coffee? It’s a part of every one’s daily routine. Day cannot be started if you do not have a freshly brewed nice cup of hot coffee. Whole coffee beans Dubai are grounded in and filtered and after adding the powder into a cup of boiling water, you have your refreshing coffee. Coffee is grown and cultivated all around the world, in more than 70 different countries, Brazil being on the first.


Coffee can be consumes in a lot different ways. Many different types of drinks are made from coffee, which include

●          Cappuccino

●          Americano

●          Latte

●          Mocha

●          Espresso

Coffee does not always have to be consumed hot, if it’s a hot sunny day, you can refresh your day with the following cold drinks.

●          Frappuccino

●          Iced espresso

●          Nitro

●          Mazagran

●          Cold brew

Just go to your nearest coffee shop or a café, and you will have your desired cup of coffee. Such a morning cup of coffee is a must for people who work early mornings or students who have lectures at 8 in the morning. A nice cup of coffee always saves the day.

Every one adores coffee, not only for its unique and addicting flavor but also because of its magical effects it has on our bodies. Depending upon the amount of caffeine being consumed, it can have lots of effects on our bodies.

Pros and Cons Of Caffeine:

For some people, coffee is a life saver. It has huge amounts of caffeine which can give us a lot of energy. Caffeine can cause an increase in our adrenaline release which can lead to increase in our heart rate, increase in our blood pressure and causes an increased release of sugar in our bodies. It can keep us focused and improves our memory. That is why office coffee machines are often found in large offices and buildings where people are working day and night. Caffeine is also consumed by students in the form of pills and tablets. But everything in nature can have an adverse effect if it is consumed more than it is desired. In those cases, coffee can also damage our bodies. Large amount of adrenaline release can make us irritable. Large intake of coffee, day and night is one of the most common causes of heartburn. Coffee is also known to causes more risks of bone fracture. It can cause indigestion and has also been known to cause kidney stones.


Having lots of pros and at the same time, equal cons, we cannot skip a day without having coffee. But, being healthy means being hopeful so for the sake of our good health and fresh day, coffee should be consumed in considerable amounts, so it does not damage our bodies and therefore our minds.

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