Types of Safes and Their Benefits

A small fireproof safe can keep important documents and other precious belongings safe from fire damage. These safes come in many shapes and sizes. Here is a basic overview of the types of these safes available and some common features they have.

Q: What are fireproof safe boxes made out of? These safes are typically made out of at least 2-steel walls, lined with mineral fiber or fireproof paper. The sides of the boxes are lined with either paper or metal to provide maximum protection from sparks and heat. The inside of each box is lined with either paper or metal to provide maximum protection from fire and sparks.

Q: What are water-resistant safes? Water-resistant safe boxes are able to resist water damage, which can be a problem for some items such as photographs. A box must be placed within a watertight seal and a water-resistant lining placed on the outside of the box for maximum protection. Find more info about safes.

Q: What are fireproof safes built to test for? Testing is done before manufacture to make sure that it will withstand extreme temperatures. Each fireproof safe is subjected to at least five different tests to ensure their quality. These include both an electrical and a mechanical fire test, a carbon dioxide fire test, and a carbon monoxide fire test.

Q: What can a fireproof safe store? A typical fireproof safe can hold anywhere from one to four hundred sheets of paper. Other items that may be stored inside of a safe include cash, receipts, birth certificates, and other documents. A fireproof box cover may be included in the purchase of a safe, or it may need to be ordered.

Q: Is there a difference between fireproof and water-proof safes? Water-proof safes allow for easy cleaning but may not keep criminals out. Fireproof safes do not require much cleaning after they have been used, but fireproof ones do require special treatment before use. There are several brands to choose from so it is recommended that you compare fireproof safe ratings to find the best one to protect your most important documents.

Q: What should I look for in my fireproof safe to ensure that it keeps my valuables safe? You should choose a safe that is engineered to keep light from passing through its glass. A keyless entry feature will allow you to arm and disarm the safe without giving away your entry code. The numbers on the safety deposit box should be visible and easy to read.

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