Interesting facts about Botox

We all have bundles of wishes – one of them is to look always pretty or handsome. However, it is impossible unless you have Botox. Botox injection improves and erases your wrinkles by relaxing your skin that result in fresh and attractive skin. There are many interesting facts about Botox. Some of them are:

Botox treatment does not remain with you for rest of the life. The best treatment wears off after three to four months. Its results are different on each person.

It is not harmful to use the treatment for long term because its effect will be erased after a few months.

Although many beauticians and parlors offer Botox treatment, it is better to ask a doctor to provide you a treatment or you might face skin issues later on.

Botox can reduce wrinkles but it does not guarantee to improve your skin. The secret of good skin is in balanced diet and health skin routine.

The treatment offers a solution to Depression. Botox injections relax your tight muscles which results in disruption in the connection of your facial muscles to the nervous system. This disruption block muscles to send feedback to the brain about moods.

You can have Botox at any age if you are adult to treat wrinkles. However, doctor recommend not to have the treatment if you are less than 18 years old unless a person have medical reasons to have it.

Botox is the second most popular cosmetic treatment after teeth whitening. That’s the reason why find every other person going for the treatment to doctor.

According to ladies and people who opt for Botox, its injection is similar to pinch skin on acupuncture needle or mosquito bites your skin.  

Although women have Botox more, studies say that men need Botox’s doses more than ladies.

Botox have the solution of your perspirations. If you sweat more then you just to go to your doctor and ask him or her to inject it to your sweat glands. The chemicals will block the glands to give signals to nerves to release sweat. The effect of Botox would remain for seven to eight months.

So these are a few facts about the most popular cosmetic treatment. You can visit different sites to know about Botox Dubai price. You can consult cosmetic doctors for melasma laser treatment as well.

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