Remedies to help in teeth health

When there is a need to take care of teeth then you have to go to the dentist Studio City Dubai for a regular checkup from them but you cannot go there every week or every month so it is better to take care of your teeth at home too so that you will not get any problem which take you to the dentist. There are many remedies which will help you in keeping your teeth safe and strong and you have to apply them on daily basis to get long term effects of them. If you use a remedy for few days and then stop using that remedy then it will not give you any good results so you have to be consistent with the usage of these remedies. You can also go to dentist The Springs Dubai, but to use the remedies you have to read this below:

Gum: You need to use the gum for keeping your gums strong and your teeth in a good condition but you have to keep in mind that always use the sugar-free gum for this purpose because the regular gum will have more damage than the benefits to your teeth. When you use a good quality gum then it will increase your saliva formation and also keep your teeth clean from the debris.

Vitamins: You need to take vitamins especially the vitamin D and calcium because these two are the essential for your teeth. If there is a low level of calcium in the body then it will affect the bones and teeth and they will become weak and fragile. You need to take food high in vitamin D and calcium like milk, yogurt and cheese but you can also take Vitamin D from sun which is a natural and free source of getting it.

Vitamin D will help in absorbing calcium you take from your food and without this vitamin all of your calcium will be wasted no matter how much you take it so you need to keep an eye on the absorption of vitamin D. If you have vitamin D deficiency in your body then you can also take supplements for that but always take that with the doctor’s prescription because you never know if it will suit your body or not or if your body needs it.

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