What Does a Psychotherapist Do?

Every job has its own duties and responsibilities. There are two types of people, the one who love their passion and find their favorite job, and they don’t see that either the duties and responsibilities are easy or tough. Then there is second category of people who always tend to find jobs which are easy to do and that does not have much to do. If you are from the second category of people then this post is not for you and if you are about to become a psychotherapist in Dubai and you need to be prepared for your duties and responsibilities, then view it now and keep reading.

School Psychologists

If you get a job in a school as a psychologist then you will be doing the following tasks.

  • See attendance of the students, asses them from time to time and see scores.
  • If a kid is not doing well and has a certain behavior then you will be writing recommendations and consult with parents and staff if there is no improvement and suggest strategies or recommend different services.
  • You have to see the number of complaints that you will be getting. You have to then talk it out with the student and always keep updated with them regarding the matter. If the matter is serious, you have to discuss with the principle.
  • You have to design behavior management strategy and different implementation strategies. You also have to design measurable strategies to see how the implementation process is going.

Counselling and Clinical Psychologists

If you get a job in a clinic or open your own clinic then you have to do the following things.

  • The first thing that you have to do is do complete assess of a person.
  • Make sure that they are telling everything – there should be no hidden secrets.
  • Diagnose the exact issue.
  • After you have heard all of it, suggest treatments.
  • If the treatment does not work then make sure that they are on certain meds.
  • Recommend meds right away before the treatment if the issue is serious.
  • Keep up with the patient.
  • Refer the patient to do different exercises if the meds are making them dizzy or give them nausea.

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